Performances: VOICES of Bucks County Choir excels at performing a variety of music from ‘Pops’ to Classical masterpieces. They have collaborated with other choral groups and orchestras to perform such wonderful music as Handel’s “Messiah”, the Mozart Requiem, the Bach B Minor Mass, Vivaldi’s Gloria and several original musical holiday events such as “Mrs. Fezziwig’s Feast” (an adaptation of “A Christmas Carol”), “Henry’s Holiday Feast “ (Henry VIII and all 6 Wives) plus several musical revues.

Scholarships: Each year the BPCAI has awarded 2 – 12 scholarships each season for children from ages 8-18 towards the cost of professional training in music, dance or drama. College scholarships of $250 – $1000 have also be awarded to BCPAI alumni entering their first year at a performing arts college.

Endowments: In 2003 we started the Hollenbach Hellyer Endowment Fund to create a perpetual fund for voice scholarships in the future. The Hollenbach-Hellyer Endowment is small, but growing. Opportunities to contribute are always available. Additionally, individuals wishing to establish a scholarship for a special area of study or to commemorate a loved one should contact the board.

Community Programs:  Our community programs started with the VOICES of Bucks County (FKA: Bucks County Choir), a blend of teens and adults whose performances contribute to the BCPAI scholarship fund. The second development was the Bucks County Children’s Chorus (now VOICES jr) for the younger singers (8-13), which is also an after-school program. This is a fee-based activity with a sliding scale for low-income families.  We encourage donations to offset the costs of subsidizing children who need financial assistance.

In 2007 we were able to expand our community outreach by providing Early Childhood Music instruction for the Bucks Meadow Pre-School run by the YWCA of Bucks County. This was followed by providing music classes for the children in their several summer campsites throughout Bucks County. These programs have been greatly reduced since the economic downturn. We are seeking new individuals and/or corporations who are interested in supporting these programs that have such a positive impact on children ‘at risk ‘and their families.

This season we are introducing “ACTING OUT’ – an after-school drama program for ages 8- 14 that encourages and guides children through the process of imagination, creative story telling followed by the writing and production of their plays. This theater arts program will enhance the verbal, written, analytical and social skills of the participants.  (And they just think they’re having FUN!!!)

INSTRUMENT DONATION PROGRAM: Our Instrument Donation Program began with 2 pianos donated to BPCAI who in turn gave one to the Hellyer Performing Arts Center for their piano lab and the second to a local piano student who had only a small electronic keyboard at home. Each year we ‘match’ up donors and low-income recipients for pianos which become the recipient’s property. Other instruments donated to BCPAI are refurbished and loaned to students for the purpose of taking private lessons. If they continue their studies for 3 years , the instrument is theirs to keep.

New Goals:

Our goal each year is to increase the number and dollar amount of scholarships, further develop the programs for VOICES of Bucks County, who will be performing in several civic events this fall and will produce “Franklin’s Festive Feast” on December 7th at Belle Voir. (See website for tickets and details.)

We hope to subsidize the growth of VOICES jr and “ACTING OUT” as an after-school enrichment programs and obtain funding to provide more opportunities for ‘ children-at-risk ‘ to attend early childhood music classes – either at the Hellyer Performing Arts Center or other community locations.

There is a need for more after-school enrichment programs for children in our region. Our goal is to obtain funding to provide more of them that utilize the arts to teach additional academic development and social skills for children in our region.

BENEFITS TO THE COMMUNITY: The scope and range of BCPAI’s programs continue to expand. BCPAI started with scholarships and VOICES of Bucks County.  But as grants and donations from private and public sources increase, programs will be added that reach out to more people in the community – bringing the benefits of early childhood music programs to single mothers and children ‘at risk’, drama and drama therapy programs for area youths, and partnership programs with other non-profit organizations to ‘uplift’ the lives of more people through performing arts initiatives.

HOW YOU CAN BENEFIT: Your (or your child) may be in need of scholarship assistance to fully develop their budding talent. As we grow, we’ll be better able to provide that assistance and self-esteem needed to break the cycle of ‘failure behavior ‘ for area youths.

(For the benefits of music and drama programs in a child’s development see – publications and

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY: The Bucks County Performing Arts Institute does not discriminate in the provision of its services to anyone based on gender, race, creed, color, religion, ethnic background or country of origin. Only age is a factor as it applies to age-specific programs such as pre-school or youth, etc.